How to have a boy. You need to read this.

Published: 07th March 2011
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How to Have a Boy

Looking to pick the sex of your newborn, boy or girl, is a very old practice. Old practices ended up centered about the woman, mainly because it had not been understood the fact that the determination actually lay with the male. Even though as information grew, the habits changed to include men in the process of choosing, but the options were always really out there, like tying up one testicle, believing that boys had one side, girls the other; attempting to sleep with selected objects under the bed to influence the sex of the baby; or even medicines and poultices of weird combination including animal feces. The desire to choose the sex was that robust.

Present day interest is just as strong. In reality some locations state that up to 90% of people would choose the sex of their baby if it were a lot easier. The main change in the minds of sex selection is that women are a high priority in some locations now, beforehand there was a high need for a boy. In fact, in some countries they still have very high preferences for boys. You'll find even places that have banned ultrasound determination of the sex of a baby to stop sex selection via termination.

How Sex Selection Works

Each parent attributes half of a baby's genetic structure. The female or mother is genetically an XX, so she is only able to contribute an X to the future baby. The father of the baby is XY and can contribute either an X or a Y. This means that sperm is the deciding factor in how your baby's sex is determined.

Over 100 million sperm are ejaculated into the vagina during sex, a mixture of X and Y. Most likely only one will be the one to penetrate the ovum.

The Son Diet

There are a few who point out that what we consume will determine whether your infant is a girl or a boy. Here are some foods to keep in your kitchen if you're trying to get a baby boy:

Meat, particularly red meats

Salty snacks, like chips


Other Helpful Boy Hints

Dress in boxers to cool the heat range on the scrotum. (This is typically seen as a generic fertility tip.)

Man has an orgasm first.

Only have marital relations on the odd days of the month to have a baby girl.

Man starts sexual relations.

Man on top or dominate positions. (Sitting or laying.)

Have sex standing up.

Use the Chinese Gender Chart to help you decide when to conceive.

Have sex at nighttime.

Avoid sex during the full phase of the moon as well as the new moon, aim for a quarter moon.

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